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[UDUNITS #ECD-376578]: Possible bugs in udunits 2.1.24 XML

D. Hogan,

> I think there are a few bugs in the XML database for the latest
> udunits2.  I discovered these when I was translating most of the
> udunits2 database into Kepler/Ptolemy II units.  Ptolemy handles units
> as variables so I couldn't simply link to libudunits2.
> These are used in definitions but there are no names, symbols or aliases
> for them.  They all have a singular form but are missing these plural
> forms:
> lib> egrep -n "(international_inches|hours|micromoles)" *.xml
> udunits2-common.xml:423:            <def>12 international_inches</def>
> udunits2-common.xml:1609:            <def>2056 hours</def>
> <!-- exact -->
> udunits2-common.xml:1634:            <def>446.2 micromoles/meter^2</def>

The UDUNITS-2 package knows how to create a plural form from a singular form 
using the standard rules for such (e.g., "inch" -> "inches"). Consequently, the 
<plural/> element is only need for exceptions (e.g., "foot").

Steve Emmerson

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