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[UDUNITS #POJ-818358]: UDUNITS-2 and thread safety


> I found a piece of code on the internet that remarked that UDUNITS2
> isn't thread safe. Can you comment on this?

The UDUNITS-2 package is thread-compatible but not thread-safe.

> Will I be fine when I
> enclose all pieces of code that contain UDUNITS2 calls in mutexes?

Bracketing all UDUNITS-2 calls with mutexes will make it thread-safe.

> This is where I found the code:
> https://bitbucket.org/djerius/lua_udunits2/src/ea7f12c2a949/lua_udunits2
> /udunits2.c.0
> Thanks,
> Remco Braak
> Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: POJ-818358
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