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[UDUNITS #BAC-946054]: UDUnits -- trying to find a list of valid units and prefixes


> If I read section 7.10.3 correctly, then I really should say something like:
> 1e-6 dobson / dobson  (or: 1e-6 mole/mole  or  1e-6g/g  or....)
> for ozone concentration.

Any of those would work because they all result in the dimensionless unit 

> The word I have from our scientists who deal with indirect
> meassurements is that "ppm" is in very widespread use, and is likely
> to show up in files, charts, publications, etc.  I'm wondering if we
> should not considering embracing this, just as we did "dobson"?

I can easily add it to the UDUNITS-2 database.

Should "ppm" be a name or a symbol? Name comparisons are case insensitive 
whereas symbol comparisons are case sensitive -- so "PPM" would be allowed if 
"ppm" were a name but not if it were a symbol.

Once that's decided, then I can also add "ppb".

> Thanks for consideration...
> tom
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> Tom Whittaker
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Steve Emmerson

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