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[UDUNITS #IEB-391154]: Unit for 'bell' in udunits2-common.xml


> We are currently using udunits2 as part of a few open source toolboxes
> that we provide free of charge to the public.
> In one of them we are now including the 'lib' part of the udunits2
> package as part of our source package (of course with the LICENSE and
> appropriate credit) and also build the udunits2 library as a component
> of the core library.
> However, in order to avoid name clashes with other parts in the core
> library that also use bison/flex and to eliminate some compiler
> warnings with the udunits2 code we have made some modifications to the
> udunits2 source code.
> Find attached a zip of what we currently use as a subdirectory in our
> build tree (based on 2.1.17).
> In the README we described the changes that we made to the source code.
> I just want to provide this as a suggestion for a possible improvement
> of the udunits2 code base.
> Taking any of these changes aboard would make our lives a bit easier
> when upgrading to newer versions of udunits.
> And it would possibly also improve the way other software packages
> would be able to integrate the udunits2 library code in their build
> system.

Quick question. The UDUNITS-2 package already uses the yacc(1) option "-p ut" 
to change the "yy" prefix in the externally-visible names "yyparse", "yylex", 
"yyerror", "yylval", "yychar", and "yydebug" to "ut". Is this insufficient?

> Best regards,
> Sander Niemeijer

Steve Emmerson

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