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[UDUNITS #TJT-685331]: testing if a unit meets the udunits specification


> I am trying to determine if my unit specifications meet udunits standards.
> I tried to test my unit specifications using udunits2(1), but got
> inconsistent results:
> You have: count/L
> You want: 1/cm^3
> 1 count/L = 0.001 1/cm^3
> x/(1/cm^3) = 0.001*(x/(count/L))
> You have: 1/cm^3
> udunits2: Don't recognize "/cm^3"
> Is there a more direct way to determine if 1/cm^3 meets the UDUNITS
> standard?
> In the file "udunits2-common.xml" I found:
> <unit>
> <def>1</def>
> <aliases>
> <name> <singular>count</singular> </name>
> </aliases>
> </unit>

You found a bug in the udunits2(1) program. Thank you for sending this in.

I've made a new release (2.1.21) whose udunits2(1) program correctly accepts 
the specification "1/cm3" as the "have" unit. Please try this release and let 
me know if you have any problems with it. It's available at the UDUNITS 
homepage <http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/udunits>.

> Thanks,
> Janine
> --
> Janine Aquino
> 303-497-8691

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: TJT-685331
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