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[UDUNITS #JYQ-941555]: XML override warnings from UDUNITS


> Steve, thanks for your quick reply!
> I moved from an old Linux installation to Mac OS X, so I could
> reproduce now the problem and solve it.
> It was caused by utInit() which was in my errorneous code called after
> resetting to the standard message handler (a coding problem...).
> Attached, you'll find the correct code for your documentation.

Yes. utInit() sets the error-message handler to ignore error-messages because 
that's the behavior of the UDUNITS-1 package. The behavior of mixing UDUNITS-1 
calls with UDUNITS-2 calls is unspecified -- so it's best to use one API or the 

> Again thanks for your fast support!
> I wish you all the best for 2011,

Same to you and yours.

> Pavel

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: JYQ-941555
Department: Support UDUNITS
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed