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[UDUNITS #GOK-141555]: UDUNITS 2 and future of RNetCDF


> I am the developer of the R contribution package RNetCDF
> (http://cran.r-project.org/). The R core team reported me that there is
> a problem in using the deprecated UDUNITS 1 library. I will anyway need
> to update my package to add some NetCDF 4 functionality.
> Regarding UDUNITS, I'm quite not sure, how to proceed. In fact, I only
> need the calendar functions (e.g., "UNIT since 99-99-9999 99:99:99") and
> support of the CF conventions.
> What do you recommend? Migration to UDUNITS 2 or using anothter calendar
> package as stated on the UDUNITS webpage? If possible, the functions
> "utcal.nc" and "utinvcal.nc" in my package (manual at
> http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/RNetCDF/RNetCDF.pdf should work
> the same in a new version.
> I would be very happy to hear your opinion or get some hints how to
> proceed futher.

You could port your code to use the UDUNITS-2 package. It's capabilities are a 
superset of the UDUNITS-1 package, so porting shouldn't be difficult.

If you're *only* using the UDUNITS package for its calendaring support, then 
I'd recommend using another package. I think the netCDF-4 package uses the 
calendaring system of the CDAT package. I've CC'ed this reply to the netCDF 
group in case they have something to add.

> Best Regards,
> Pavel
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Steve Emmerson

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