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[netCDFPerl #RAH-648927]: Installing netCDFPerl 1.2.4


> I set
> export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/HDF5/lib
> Then I ran:
> make distclean; ./configure ; make ; make test.
> The error is similar to the first time around.
> H5Dclose is still undefined.
> I recently build the HDF5 library - It is version 5-1.8 from www.hdfgroup.org.
> I had a hunt on their news groups but have not found anything that looks 
> relevant.
> OK here is the error again. Hope you have further ideas.

Let's verify that the function "H5Dclose" is in the HDF5 library.  What's the 
output of the following commands:

ls -l /usr/local/HDF5/lib
nm -g /usr/local/HDF5/* | grep H5Dclose

If the last command finds the H5Dclose function, then repeat the command with 
whatever nm(1) option is necessary to prefix each output-line with the pathname 
of the containing file (the option is platform-dependent).

Steve Emmerson

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