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[UDUNITS #BNK-910606]: udunits-Project for Visual Studio 2005


> I hope it makes not a difference, were we come from. I'am a German :)
> and I work as a post-doc at the NRC Institute for Ocean Technology for
> two years. So, my English is not so good and this is the reason for the
> mistake. I mean with "changed files" the adapted files use in Visual
> Studio 2005. As you wrote yesterday:
> I am open to making changes to the UDUNITS packages that will allow them
> to work under windows.
> I thought, you would do this in the next future.

I understand.  Unfortunately, the phrase "I am open to ..." means that the 
writer is willing to consider "..." and not that the writer has done "...".

In our situation, it means that if you manage to build the UDUNITS package in 
Visual Studio 2005, then I am willing to consider incorporating your work into 
the official UDUNITS package.  I'm afraid that I can't help you because I 
haven't done the work.

> Thanks
> Mike
> Dr.-Ing. Mike Eichhorn
> Research Engineer, Underwater Vehicle Projects
> National Research Council Canada
> Institute for Ocean Technology
> Arctic Avenue, P.O. Box 12093
> St. John's, Newfoundland A1B 3T5, Canada
> tel: +709-772-7986 - with voice mail
> fax: +709-772-2462
> mobile: +709-765-3643
> skype ID: mike.eichhorn
> email: address@hidden
> internet: http://iot-ito.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca

Steve Emmerson

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