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[UDUNITS #DJU-684251]: udunits


> I want to use udunits to parse a timestamp, then   extract from the
> timestamp   year/month/day/hours/min/sec
> So I can do calculations with non-gregorian calendars e.g "365_day",
> "360_day" , with-hout having to go to the trouble  of writing a custom
> date parser

The UDUNITS-2 package was never intended to be a calendaring package.  You'd be 
much better off using something designed for that (e.g., the "cdtime" package 
from LLNL).

You *can* convert values in some timestamp unit to double-precision seconds 
since the epoch using a value-converter returned by ut_get_converter().  You 
should then be able to use those values in another package to do what you want.

> Regards Henry

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: DJU-684251
Department: Support UDUNITS
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