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[UDUNITS #LDX-533401]: Python API for Udunits v2 ?


So, the UK has Python fans, eh?

> I was just wondering if Unidata had any plans to develop and release a
> Python extension module for the Udunits2 C library?  I couldn't see
> mention of such on the Unidata web site but thought I'd ask in case it's
> in the pipeline.

Well, *I'm* not planning on creating such a package least I spend most of my 
time until retirement creating and maintaining a package for every possible 
language (C++, Python, Ruby, Perl, Haskel, Scheme, ...)  :-)

Rob Cermak, another user of Unidata software, has, however, created such a 

Just wanted to pass along that I cobbled together some C code that
compiles into a python module using the distutils. Different versions of
python might have different needs :(


By no means making full use of the API. It provides what we need right
now. Great work on the 2nd version of udunits.

I would be very interested in your thoughts on this package.

I'll ask him about sending you his email address.

> IIRC, a couple of Python API modules were developed for the Udunits v1
> interface, though I can't remember who was responsible for developing
> these. I think PCMDI might have produced one version as part of the CDAT
> package.
> Thanks in advance,
> Phil Bentley
> UK Met Office

Steve Emmerson

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