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[UDUNITS #AIY-998562]: A udunit


> I downloaded and installed udunits-2 apparently successfully.
> Then, I downloaded and installed another package named NCO.
> NCO can optionally use udunits; however, after configuring NCO I get the 
> following error message for NCO configure command:
> configure:23632: checking for /usr/local/pkgs/udunits/etc/udunits.dat
> configure:23648: result: no
> configure:23653: WARNING: file /usr/local/pkgs/udunits/etc/udunits.dat was 
> not found but will be compiled into NCO. Some executables may fail without it.
> After udunits-2 was installed no udunits/etc directory was created and 
> udunits.dat does not exist.
> Is this file necessary for udunits to function properly?

The UDUNITS package has two major versions: the original UDUNITS (aka UDUNITS-1)
and the new UDUNITS-2 version.  The UDUNITS-2 C API differs from the UDUNITS-1
C API, although the latest version 2 release does contains a thin implementation
of the version 1 API.

I suspect that the NCO package uses the UDUNITS-1 API and the error message you
saw resulted from the installation procedure not finding the UDUNITS-1
database file, udunits.dat.  The UDUNITS-2 package uses a different database.

If I did my job correctly, then you should be able to link the NCO package
against the UDUNITS-2 library and everything should work.  Please let me
know if this isn't the case.

The alternative would be to install the UDUNITS-1 package.

> Thank you,
> address@hidden

Steve Emmerson

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