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[UDUNITS #FOM-224333]: Where I can get the 'udunits.inc' file? Thanks.


> Thanks a lot again.  I first did the lib link of udunits as you
> suggested and still got a bunch errors about netcdf, then I realized
> I should also link the netcdf lib (please see below) and tried again.
> Then, there's a fatal error looking for a 32-bit netcdf (but our
> system has a 64-bit) because the current "udunits" has a 32-bit
> (right?).  Then, I did a few more trials in vain by alternating flags
> of "-32" and "-64" for the f77 compiling.  Seems that we can't use
> libs mixed with 32-bit and 64-bit, or we could?  Would you advise
> further?  Thanks again.
> Chung-Lin
> erin:104}f77 -o readgeneral readgeneral.f -L
> /usr/user6/shie/dir-t2m/local/lib -l udunits -L
> /usr/apps/netcdf-3.6.1/lib -l netcdf
> -->
> ld32: FATAL   12 : Expecting 32-bit objects:
> /usr/apps/netcdf-3.6.1/lib/libnetcdf.a is 64-bit.

User the file(1) utility to determine the the bit-size of the UDUNITS
and netCDF libraries, e.g.,

    file /usr/user6/shie/dir-t2m/local/lib/libudunits.a
    file /usr/apps/netcdf-3.6.1/lib/libnetcdf*

Then, decide which package to rebuilt using the bit-size of the other.
If the netCDF library is 64-bit and the UDUNITS library is 32-bit, then
I recommend re-installing the UDUNITS library as a 64-bit version.

To do that, re-do the steps from building and installing the UDUNITS
package.  At the step that defines environment variables, ensure that
the environment variable CFLAGS contains the string "-64", e.g.,

    setenv CFLAGS '-O -64'

Then, when building the readgeneral utility, ensure that the option
"-64" is given to the f77(1) compiler (as well as references to the
UDUNITS and netCDF libraries).

Steve Emmerson

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