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[UDUNITS #WST-524293]: php module boilerplate for udunits2


> Hmmm...  In a previous email you mentioned that xslt might be viable
> option.  That might have been referring to breaking down the IOOS DIF
> schema or sensorML and not the udunits database.

You want to create a SensorML document for OGC that will define units in
a way that is compatible with the UDUNITS package.  I was wondering if
XSLT could be used to generate that document from the UDUNITS XML files.

I've never used XSLT, so this is just speculation.

> The version numbers for udunits2 are really moving along.

Unfortunately.  I've been working on the package from home while
recuperating from a viral infection.  I think the illness has had an
deleterious/delirious effect on my mental ability.  :-)

Steve Emmerson

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