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[UDUNITS #NMJ-986812]: Enhancing Udunits with ncview code?


> Is the final answer to all this, then, is that you don't plan to add
> support for the other calendar types that I mentioned in my original
> email?
> What I'm driving at here is that when I asked David Pierce if I could
> include his extended "utCalendar" code in NCL, he said he'd be more
> comfortable if Unidata considered including this extended code in
> udunits instead. I *think* this is because David would prefer the
> support come from Unidata, rather than him, if there ends up being any
> issues with this extended code.

I don't intend to add David's code to UDUNITS.  As I've indicated, that
would be the wrong way to go with this issue and would result in my needing to
support and maintain a wrong-headed kluge on top of a wrong-headed kluge.


Steve Emmerson

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