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[UDUNITS #NMJ-986812]: Enhancing Udunits with ncview code?


> From your response, I gather that the "xxxxx since yyyyyy" method
> that udunits depends on is something you are moving away from?
> Is udunits going to keep this style of units for backwards
> compatibility?

Although I wish I could move away from supporting offset time units,
I can't because of the need for backward compatibility and the fact
that so many netCDF files contain specifications of such units.  I
can try, however, to limit its spread (hence my position on support
for non-Earth calendars).

> I do see that in NetCDF 4.2 there are plans to include the udunits
> package. Is it going to be overhauled to use a different units scheme
> for time variables?

I'm not sure what you mean by "units scheme for time variables".  Any
further development of the UDUNITS package (and UDUNITS-2 is already
out as a beta release) will be constrained by the requirement for
backward compatibility at the string level with existing unit
specifications in existing netCDF files.  Therefore, support for
specifications like "days since 2001-01-01" will continue for the
indefinite future.

Steve Emmerson

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