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[UDUNITS #QKV-165487]: udunits 1.12.4 bus error


> qscat_tropics.f does have both "include 'udunits.inc'" and "include
> 'netcdf.inc'"

Those aren't C preprocessor directives.  They would have to start
with a hash (#) and use double quotes around the filename.

> I believe, from what I can ascertain from the info files on g77, that
> g77 compiles *.f files using a fortran compiler (f771). However, it
> also seems to use libg2c and I don't know what that implies.
> UD_POINTER is defined in udunits.inc using the line
> #define UD_POINTER integer*4 (guess you can see that)
> However the offending line is
> UD_POINTER utmake
> It seems like the g77 compiler does not understand the define
> statement??

The g77(1) compiler should never even see the token UD_POINTER
because the C preprocessor should convert that token into the
string "integer*4".

Steve Emmerson

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