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[UDUNITS #MQV-830848]: UDUnits without Fortran90


> I have been trying to build the UDUnits library on windows and have run
> into some issues. Of course this library is not officially supported on
> Windows in any form and I expected to see some problems like this. I
> have managed without too much issue to figure out something which builds
> using Visual Studio Solutions instead of makefiles, however... The
> Fortran support library will not compile and there doesn't seem to be a
> compile time flag to simply remove support for Fortran. Do you think it
> would be possible or reasonable to add such a flag (allowing the library
> to compile on Windows). Do you know anyone who we might contact who has
> already done this or something similar.

The compiler must be told what Fortran-calling conventions to use in
order to build the Fortran interface.  If you don't need the Fortran
interface, then it doesn't matter what conventions you tell the 
compiler to use.  I suggest using the "f2cFortran" conventions by 
defining that C macro in your compilation commands, e.g.,

    cc -Df2cFortran ...

> Thanks in advance,
> Nic Croad.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: MQV-830848
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