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[UDUNITS #IDZ-795331]: udunits problem


> Unfortunately, the make.log file is gone.  Our sys admin installed this
> package so I will have to check with him about how he did it.

OK.  See if he used any unusual compiler/linker options.

> The project I am working on involves CMOR. In the installation guide for
> CMOR, it mentions this:
> "    Note on 64bit system
> UDUNITS probably won't build properly on 64bit (e.g. SGI), so we
> recommend that everything be built in 32bit (e.g -n32 on SGI)
> The same probably applies to libcdms"
> Perhaps this is a clue??

It's certainly interesting.  I take great pains to write portable
code and I don't recall every hearing of problems with UDUNITS on
64-bit systems.  If you learn anything more about this, please
let me know.

You might see if there's a version of the "nm" utility that
has the opposite 32-bit/64-bit modality of the default "nm" that
you used.  If you find one, then try it and see if it gives the
same results.  The "file" utility should tell you the modality
of binary programs.

I'll be out of my office from mid-Monday to early Thursday, so my
replies might be delayed during that time.

Steve Emmerson

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