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[UDUNITS #IDZ-795331]: udunits problem


> When I use "ar":
> discover01 314% ar -t /usr/local/other/udunits/1.12.4/lib/libudunits.a
> utlib.o
> utparse.o
> utscan.o
> udalloc.o
> When I use "nm":
> discover01 313% nm /usr/local/other/udunits/1.12.4/lib/libudunits.a
> nm: utlib.o: Bad value
> nm: utparse.o: Bad value
> nm: utscan.o: Bad value
> nm: udalloc.o: Bad value
> So it looks like the library is bad for some reason??

Yes.  The object modules in the library are bad.

Could it be that you compiled them in some mode (e.g., 64-bit
mode) but the "nm" utility is 32-bit mode?

Do you still have the file "make.log", which is described in the
file INSTALL in the top-level source-directory of the package?
If so, would you please send it to me.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: IDZ-795331
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