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[Support #GHO-258559]: udunits installation problem


> Made it a bit farther. Now the link fails. Relevant files attached. Fille
> "typed_commands" shows which environment variables I set prior to make.
> Yes, I did totally clean (make distclean) before remaking.
> Thanks, Art

The udunits(3) library and udunits(1) utility built OK but the Perl
extension module didn't.  It could be that the perl(1) utility was
built using an incompatible compiler or compiler options than what
was used to build the udunits(3) library.  You can can what compiler
and options were used to build the perl(1) utility via the command

    perl -V

If you don't need the perl(1) extension module for UDUNITS, then I
recommend reconfiguring the build so that it won't build the perl(1)
extension module.  This is done by setting the environment variable
PERL to the empty string before executing the configure script, e.g.,

    $ make distclean
    $ PERL= ./configure >configure.log 2>&1
    $ make >make.log 2>&1

FWIW, I'm reflooring my home.  Is that vacation?  :-)

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: GHO-258559
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