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[Support #GHO-258559]: udunits installation problem


> I followed your instructions and got slightly farther. It now complains
> about no reference to ceil when compiling utlib.c. I've checked math.h (in
> /usr/include) and it does indeed include bits/mathcalls.h, and the latter
> appears to make reference to ceil. I get no similar error with floor or
> modf, which come earlier in utlib.c. I've attached a bunch of junk.
> Thanks, Art

I suspect that the Standard C library function ceil(3) is in a "math" library
(e.g., "libm") rather than the Standard C library (e.g., "libc").  See if you
can find the ceil(3) function by using the "nm -g" command against the libraries
in /lib and /usr/lib.  When you find it, you should add an ld(1)-style reference
to it to the environment variable LD_MATH before executing the configure(1)
script (again).  For example:

    $ make distclean
    $ CPPFLAGS=-DpgiFortran LD_MATH=-lm ./configure >configure.log 2>&1

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: GHO-258559
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