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20050110: problem building udunits on freebsd 4.7-RELEASE


> To: Unidata Support <address@hidden>
> From: Neil Smith <address@hidden>
> Subject: problem building udunits on freebsd 4.7-RELEASE
> Organization: TAMU
> Keywords: 200501102105.j0AL52v2014190 UDUNITS FreeBSD

The above message contained the following:

> I'm trying to build the newest udunits, 1.12.2, on FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE
> and can't get the configure to complete.  I'm using the env
> recommended for a FreeBSD 4.8 because I can't locate my notes on my
> build of udunits-1.11.7, which built OK way back when:
> CC=/usr/bin/gcc
> CPPFLAGS=Df2cFortran
> PERL=/usr/bin/perl
> FC=g77
> F90=
> CXX=g++

The above should work if you change




To solve the problem of /lib/cpp not working:

> checking the C preprocessor... configure: warning: C preprocessor, 
> `/lib/cpp', doesn't work

set the environment variable CPP to "gcc -E", e.g.,

    export CPP='gcc -E'

> Any help much appreciated.
> -Neil
> ------------------
> Neil R. Smith                         address@hidden
> Comp.Sys.Mngr.                        (979)845-6272
> Dept. Atmospheric Sciences/Texas A&M University

Steve Emmerson

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