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20040419: help with udunits package on windows

Dra. Filipa Marques,

> To: <address@hidden>
> From: "OC - Dra. Filipa Marques" <address@hidden>
> Subject: help with udunits package on windows
> Organization: Instituto Hidrogrfico
> Keywords: 200404191731.i3JHVtCT019647

The above message contained the following:

> I would like to use netCDF climate data for my work but I'm having
> some problems with it. I work in Windows XP environment and use
> Compaq Visual Fortran.  I have followed all steps to install netCDF
> (from WIN32_README_TXT). The problem goes with UDUNITS library
> package. I've included udunits.inc.in in the library/include
> directories. Then I started with your testcal2.f program but I
> get problems running it.  I get error messages (like: unresolved
> external symbol _UTOPEN) form the variables that are in udunits.dat
> and udunits.inc.in . My questi on is: Am I using the udunits library
> properly?  Is this version ok to ru n with the software I'm using?

I'm the author of the UDUNITS packge and I've never built it on a
Windows system.

The file "udunits.inc.in" is not meant to be included by Fortran code.
The file is meant to be processed by the "configure" script to create
the file "udunits.inc", which IS meant to be included by Fortran code.
You will have to manually transform "udunits.inc.in" into "udunits.inc"
by replacing the string "@UD_POINTER@" with the Fortran type that is
appropriate for storing a pointer to a structure (e.g., "integer").

As for your unresolved symbol problem, do you know what Compaq Visual
Fortran is closest to in terms of its calling-conventions?

    Silicon Graphics f77
    Alpha OSF DEC Fortran for OSF/1 AXP
    Apollo f77
    CRAY Fortran
    NEC SX-4 Fortran
    CONVEX Fortran
    Sun Fortran
    PowerStation Fortran
    HP-UX Fortran
    LynxOS f2c
    VAXUltrix f77
    UNIX f2c
    NAG f90
    Absoft UNIX F77
    Absoft Pro Fortran
    Portland Group Fortran

It is necessary to know this in order to tell the C compiler what
calling-conventions to following when compiling the C code that is the
Fortran interface to the UDUNITS library.

> Thank you for your time,
> Filipa =
> Marques
> ********************************************
> Filipa Marqu=
> es
> Instituto Hidrogr=E1fico 
> ******************************************=

Steve Emmerson

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