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Re: WRF units

Hi Wei:

address@hidden wrote:


We are fixing the units in WRF data and I have a couple of questions and
would like to seek your advise.
1. Does CF understand unit named 'flag'? We use it for landmask 'unit'.
Should we just leave it blank? Other similar ones are 'fraction' - values
ranges from 0 to 1, and 'category' which we use for fields like soil types,
and vegetation types.

no, none of those. for "unitless" quantities, use units=""

2. I see CF doesn't recognize unit MM, and changed it to 1.0E12. Does it
understand lower case unit 'mm'?

yes mm works

3. Does CF understand 'W m-2' unit?

yes, thats ok. some people prefer using "." instead of space, eg W.m-2

4. How about 'kg m-3 . kg kg-1'? These are variables multiplied together.
But we don't really output them, so they may not matter much.

it doesnt like mixing the blanks and dots " . " between two terms, but you can do any of these:

kg m-3 kg kg-1

kg m-3.kg kg-1