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20030926: udunits and fortran Mac OSX 10.2.


>Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 13:17:11 -0400
>From: Ruth Platner <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Rhode Island
>To: Steve Emmerson <address@hidden>
>Subject: Re: 20030926: udunits and fortran Mac OSX 10.2.

The above message contained the following:

> I attached the man page, but here's the part of interest.
>        -M  Instead of outputting the result of preprocessing,
>            output a rule suitable for make describing the depen-
>            dencies of the main source file.  The preprocessor
>            outputs one make rule containing the object file name
>            for that source file, a colon, and the names of all
>            the included files, including those coming from
>            -include or -imacros command line options.
>            Unless specified explicitly (with -MT or -MQ), the
>            object file name consists of the basename of the
>            source file with any suffix replaced with object file
>            suffix.  If there are many included files then the
>            rule is split into several lines using \-newline.  The
>            rule has no commands.
>        -MM Like -M but do not mention header files that are found
>            in system header directories, nor header files that
>            are included, directly or indirectly, from such a
>            header.
>          This implies that the choice of angle brackets or dou-
>            ble quotes in an #include directive does not in itself
>            determine whether that header will appear in -MM
>            dependency output.  This is a slight change in seman-
>            tics from GCC versions 3.0 and earlier.
> MM and M give the same result on this Mac, I tried them both.

It appears from your previous email that cc(1) is interpreting "-M" as
if it was "-MM".  This is the cause of the problem.

Is there another, more standard, C compiler that you could use?

> I did try replacing
> the angle brackets with double quotes and then I got this output
> [d102-246:src/port/misc] monyoung% more conftestpath.c
> #include "stddef.h"
> [d102-246:src/port/misc] monyoung% cc -M conftestpath.c
> conftestpath.o: conftestpath.c stddef.h /dev/null udposix.h
> Ruth

Steve Emmerson