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20030917: udunits make fails: installation directory is source dir


> To: address@hidden
> From: "Michael Page" <address@hidden>
> Subject: udunits make fails
> Organization: UCAR/Unidata

The above message contained the following:

> AIX bf0915en 1 5 000111514C00
> 1.12.0
> creating cache ./config.cache
> checking type of operating system... aix
> checking for catman... catman
> checking for manual-page index command... catman -w -M $(MANDIR)
> checking for c89... c89
> checking for dependency generation mechanism... c89 -M
> checking how to run the C preprocessor... /lib/cpp
> checking the C preprocessor... works
> checking for C const... yes
> checking for C volatile... yes
> checking for C signed... yes
> checking for C function prototypes... yes
> checking for standard C variadic functions... yes
> checking for standard C string generation... yes
> checking for standard C token pasting... yes
> checking C void pointer... yes
> checking for ar... ar
> checking for tar flags... -chf
> checking for ranlib... ranlib
> checking binary distribution directory... /home/ftp/pub/binary/dummy_system
> checking the installation prefix... /ptmp/mpage/udunits/udunits-1.12.0/src
> checking the installation exec-prefix... 
> /ptmp/mpage/udunits/udunits-1.12.0/src

I appears from the last two lines above that the configure script
believes that the root of the installation directory hierarchy is also
the root of the source directory hierarchy.  Nothing good can come from

It could be that the configure script was told to use the source
directory as the installation root directory via the "prefix" option.
For example

    $ ./configure --prefix=/ptmp/mpage/udunits/udunits-1.12.0/src

You will need to rebuild the UDUNITS package from scratch.  Please try
the following:

    1.  Go to the top-level source directory.

    2.  Perform steps 3 through 5 described near the end of the file

    3.  Perform step 6 described near the end of the file INSTALL.
        Ensure that the proper installation directory is explicity
        specified.  For example

            $ ./configure --prefix=/ptmp/mpage/udunits/udunits-1.12.0

    4.  Perform steps 7 through 9 described near the end of the file

Please let me know if this helps.

Steve Emmerson
UDUNITS Developer