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Re: 20000309: missing "__eprintf" under SunOS 5.5.1

Yang Fu Quan,

> From: yang <address@hidden>
> Subject: About the UNIDATA LIBARARY
> Organization: NIED
> Keywords: 200003090208.TAA07629 netCDF UDUNITS

In the above message, you wrote:

>     I ave asked my system manager to installed the netcdf and unidat software
>   on my SUN workstation:  However, some small problems can not be handled. So
>   I have to resort to your help:
>  I have installed           netcdf-3.4/      udunits-1.11.7/:
>   My computer is:
>    (1)   uname -a
> SunOS kskb7 5.5.1 Generic_103640-24 sun4u sparc
>      (2) Compile information:
>    f77 read01.f  -lnetcdf  -ludunits  -LI/ /home/orito/Unix/lib/libudunits.a 
> -o uu
> read01.f:
>  MAIN:
>         gridread:
>         unpack:
>         timeindex:
>         xhour:
>         udparse:
>         uduerr:
>         nblen:
> Undefined                       first referenced
>  symbol                             in file
> __eprintf                           /home/orito/Unix/lib/libudunits.a(utlib.o)
> My system manager told me that he cannot manage it.
>  Would you please explain the error and tell me how to handle it.
> thank you
> Yang Fu Quan
> 2000/3/9

"__eprintf" is an internal function of the GNU C development
environment.  Apparently, the UDUNITS library was build using the GNU C
compiler.  You'll have to tell your "f77" utility to search the GNU C
runtime library.

Steve Emmerson   <http://www.unidata.ucar.edu>