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Re: 20000224: installation problem: Couldn't decode "%"

Jianfu Pan,

>Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 10:59:14 -0500 (EST)
>From: Jianfu Pan <address@hidden>
>Organization: NASA/GSFC
>To: address@hidden (Steve Emmerson)
>Subject: Re: 20000224: FCALLSCFUN4, FCALLSCFUN8 problem in uniunits 
>Keywords: 200002281559.IAA03711

In the above message, you wrote:

>    Thanks for helping me installing udunits.  After the successful
> installation, I ran a "make test" and noticed that there is an error in the
> test.  The error seems to occur when decoding "%".  I've attached the output
> from "make test" below.  Can you take a look at this problem?  Thank you.
> Jianfu Pan
> Attachment: output from "make test"
> ===================================
> making `test' in directory /u1/jpan/udunits-1.11.7/src/udunits
> `udunits' is up to date.
> FORCE: No action was taken.
>       ./udunits ../lib/udunits.dat <test.in | sed 's/\.00* UTC/.00 UTC/' \
>           >test.out
> udunits(3): Replacing unit "c"
> udunits(3): Replacing unit "k"
> udunits(3): Replacing unit "m"
> udunits(3): Replacing unit "p"
> udunits(3): Replacing unit "s"
> udunits(3): Replacing unit "t"
> udunits(3): Replacing unit "m"
> udunits(3): Couldn't decode "%" definition "percent"
> udunits(3): Error occurred at line 45
> udunits(3): Couldn't read units-file "../lib/udunits.dat"
> ./udunits: Couldn't initialize udunits(3) package

Would you please compare your installed "udunits.dat" file with the
enclosed one.  Thanks.

Steve Emmerson   <http://www.unidata.ucar.edu>

-----Begin "udunits.dat"
# $Id: udunits.dat,v 1.11 1998/02/10 22:30:24 steve Exp $
# The first column is the unit name.  The second column indicates whether or
# not the unit name has a plural form (i.e. with an 's' appended).  
# A 'P' indicates that the unit has a plural form, whereas, a 'S' indicates
# that the unit has a singular form only.  The remainder of the line is the 
# definition for the unit.
# '#' is the to-end-of-line comment-character.
# NB: When adding to this table, be *very* careful to distinquish between
# the letter 'O' and the numeral zero '0'.  For example, the following two
# entries don't do what one might otherwise expect:
#       mercury_0C              mercury_32F
#       millimeter_Hg_0C        mm mercury_OC

# BASE UNITS.  These must be first and are identified by a nil definition.
ampere                  P                       # electric current
count                   P                       # dimensionless decimal number
candela                 P                       # luminous intensity
kelvin                  P                       # thermodynamic temperature
kilogram                P                       # mass
meter                   P                       # length
mole                    P                       # amount of substance
second                  P                       # time
radian                  P                       # plane angle

percent                 S 0.01
PI                      S 3.14159265358979323846
bakersdozen             S 13
pair                    P 2
ten                     P 10
dozen                   S 12
score                   S 20
hundred                 P 100
thousand                P 1.0e3
million                 P 1.0e6

%                       S percent
pi                      S PI

# NB: All subsequent definitions must be given in terms of
# earlier definitions.  Forward referencing is not permitted.

# The following are non-base units of the fundamental quantities

bit                     P count                 # unit of information

A                       S ampere
amp                     P ampere
abampere                P 10 ampere             # exact
gilbert                 P 7.957747e-1 ampere
statampere              P 3.335640e-10 ampere
biot                    P 10 ampere

cd                      S candela
candle                  P candela

degree_Kelvin           P kelvin
degree_Celsius          S kelvin @ 273.15
degree_Rankine          P kelvin/1.8
degree_Fahrenheit       P degree_Rankine @ 459.67

#C                      S degree_Celsius        # `C' means `coulomb'
Celsius                 S degree_Celsius
celsius                 S degree_Celsius
degree_centigrade       S degree_Celsius        # approx. was just `centigrade'
degC                    S degree_Celsius
degreeC                 S degree_Celsius
degree_C                S degree_Celsius
degree_c                S degree_Celsius
deg_C                   S degree_Celsius
deg_c                   S degree_Celsius
degK                    S kelvin
degreeK                 S kelvin
degree_K                S kelvin
degree_k                S kelvin
deg_K                   S kelvin
deg_k                   S kelvin
K                       S kelvin
Kelvin                  P kelvin

degF                    S degree_Fahrenheit
degreeF                 S degree_Fahrenheit
degree_F                S degree_Fahrenheit
degree_f                S degree_Fahrenheit
deg_F                   S degree_Fahrenheit
deg_f                   S degree_Fahrenheit
F                       S degree_Fahrenheit
Fahrenheit              P degree_Fahrenheit
fahrenheit              P degree_Fahrenheit

degR                    S degree_Rankine
degreeR                 S degree_Rankine
degree_R                S degree_Rankine
degree_r                S degree_Rankine
deg_R                   S degree_Rankine
deg_r                   S degree_Rankine
#R                      S degree_Rankine        # `R' means `roentgen'
Rankine                 P degree_Rankine
rankine                 P degree_Rankine

assay_ton               P 2.916667e-2 kilogram  # was 2.916667e2 (typo!)
avoirdupois_ounce       P 2.834952e-2 kilogram
avoirdupois_pound       P 4.5359237e-1 kilogram # exact
carat                   P 2e-4 kilogram
grain                   P 6.479891e-5 kilogram  # exact
gram                    P 1e-3 kilogram         # exact
kg                      S kilogram
long_hundredweight      P 5.080235e1 kilogram
metric_ton              P 1e3 kilogram          # exact
pennyweight             P 1.555174e-3 kilogram
short_hundredweight     P 4.535924e1 kilogram
slug                    P 14.59390 kilogram
troy_ounce              P 3.110348e-2 kilogram
troy_pound              P 3.732417e-1 kilogram
atomic_mass_unit        P 1.66054e-27 kilogram  # was 1.66044e-27

tonne                   P metric_ton
apothecary_ounce        P troy_ounce
apothecary_pound        P avoirdupois_pound
pound                   P avoirdupois_pound
metricton               P metric_ton
gr                      S grain
scruple                 P 20 grain
apdram                  P 60 grain
apounce                 P 480 grain
appound                 P 5760 grain
atomicmassunit          P atomic_mass_unit
amu                     P atomic_mass_unit

t                       S tonne
lb                      P pound
bag                     P 94 pound
short_ton               P 2000 pound
long_ton                P 2240 pound

ton                     P short_ton
shortton                P short_ton
longton                 P long_ton

angstrom                P decinanometer
astronomical_unit       P 1.495979e11 meter
fermi                   P 1e-15 meter           # exact
m                       S meter
metre                   P meter
light_year              P 9.46073e15 meter      # was ASTM's 9.46055e15 meter
micron                  P 1e-6 meter            # exact
mil                     P 2.54e-5 meter         # exact
nautical_mile           P 1.852000e3 meter      # exact
parsec                  P 3.085678e16 meter
printers_point          P 3.514598e-4 meter

# God help us!  There's an international foot and a US survey foot and
# they're not the same!

# US Survey foot stuff:
US_survey_foot          S (1200/3937) meter     # exact
US_survey_feet          S US_survey_foot        # alias
US_survey_yard          P 3 US_survey_feet      # exact
US_survey_mile          P 5280 US_survey_feet   # exact
US_statute_mile         P US_survey_mile        # alias
rod                     P 16.5 US_survey_feet   # exact
pole                    P rod                   # alias
perch                   S rod                   # alias
perches                 S perch                 # alias
furlong                 P 660 US_survey_feet    # exact
fathom                  P 6 US_survey_feet      # exact

# International foot stuff:
international_inch      S 2.54 cm               # exact
international_inches    S international_inch    # alias
international_foot      S 12 international_inches       # exact
international_feet      S international_foot    # alias
international_yard      P 3 international_feet  # exact
international_mile      P 5280 international_feet       # exact

# Alias unspecified units to the international units:
inch                    S international_inch    # alias
foot                    S international_foot    # alias
yard                    P international_yard    # alias
mile                    P international_mile    # alias

# The following should hold regardless:
inches                  S inch                  # alias
in                      S inches                # alias
feet                    S foot                  # alias
ft                      S feet                  # alias
yd                      S yard                  # alias

chain                   P 2.011684e1 meter

printers_pica           P 12 printers_point     # exact
astronomicalunit        P astronomical_unit
au                      S astronomical_unit
nmile                   P nautical_mile
nmi                     S nautical_mile

pica                    P printers_pica
big_point               P inch/72               # exact
barleycorn              P inch/3

arpentlin               P 191.835 foot

mol                     S mole

day                     P 8.64e4 second         # exact
hour                    P 3.6e3 second          # exact
minute                  P 60 second             # exact
s                       S second
sec                     P second
shake                   P 1e-8 second           # exact
sidereal_day            P 8.616409e4 second
sidereal_hour           P 3.590170e3 second
sidereal_minute         P 5.983617e1 second
sidereal_second         P 0.9972696 second
sidereal_year           P 3.155815e7 second
# Interval between 2 successive passages of sun through vernal equinox
# (365.242198781 days -- see 
# http://www.ast.cam.ac.uk/pubinfo/leaflets/,
# http://aa.usno.navy.mil/AA/
# and http://adswww.colorado.edu/adswww/astro_coord.html):
tropical_year           P 3.15569259747e7 second
lunar_month             P 29.530589 day

common_year             P 365 day               # exact: 153600e7 seconds
leap_year               P 366 day               # exact
Julian_year             P 365.25 day            # exact
Gregorian_year          P 365.2425 day          # exact
sidereal_month          P 27.321661 day
tropical_month          P 27.321582 day
d                       S day
min                     P minute
hr                      P hour
h                       S hour
fortnight               P 14 day                # exact
week                    P 7 day                 # exact
jiffy                   S 0.01 second           # believe it or not!
jiffies                 S jiffy                 # assumed plural spelling

year                    P tropical_year

yr                      P year
a                       S year                  # "anno"
eon                     P 1e9 year              # fuzzy
month                   P year/12               # on average

#rad                    P radian                # `rad' means `grey'
circle                  P 2 pi radian
angular_degree          P (pi/180) radian

turn                    P circle
degree                  P angular_degree
degree_north            S angular_degree
degree_east             S angular_degree
degree_true             S angular_degree
arcdeg                  P angular_degree
angular_minute          P angular_degree/60
angular_second          P angular_minute/60
grade                   P 0.9 angular_degree    # exact

degrees_north           S degree_north
degreeN                 S degree_north
degree_N                S degree_north
degreesN                S degree_north
degrees_N               S degree_north

degrees_east            S degree_east
degreeE                 S degree_east
degree_E                S degree_east
degreesE                S degree_east
degrees_E               S degree_east

degree_west             S -1 degree_east
degrees_west            S degree_west
degreeW                 S degree_west
degree_W                S degree_west
degreesW                S degree_west
degrees_W               S degree_west

degrees_true            S degree_true
degreeT                 S degree_true
degree_T                S degree_true
degreesT                S degree_true
degrees_T               S degree_true

arcminute               P angular_minute
arcsecond               P angular_second

arcmin                  P arcminute
arcsec                  P arcsecond

# The following are derived units with special names.  They are useful for
# defining other derived units.
steradian               P radian2
hertz                   S 1/second
newton                  P kilogram.meter/second2
coulomb                 P ampere.second
lumen                   P candela steradian
becquerel               P 1/second              # SI unit of activity of a 
#                                               # radionuclide
standard_free_fall      S 9.806650 meter/second2        # exact

pascal                  P newton/meter2
joule                   P newton.meter
hz                      S hertz
sr                      S steradian
force                   S standard_free_fall
gravity                 S standard_free_fall
free_fall               S standard_free_fall
lux                     S lumen/meter2
sphere                  P 4 pi steradian

luxes                   S lux
watt                    P joule/second
gray                    P joule/kilogram        # absorbed dose. derived unit
sievert                 P joule/kilogram        # dose equivalent. derived unit
conventional_mercury    S gravity 13595.10 kg/m3
mercury_0C              S gravity 13595.1 kg/m3 # was 13595.065
mercury_60F             S gravity 13556.8 kg/m3 # was 13556.806
conventional_water      S gravity 1000 kg/m3    # exact
water_4C                S gravity 999.972 kg/m3 # was 999.97226
water_60F               S gravity 999.001 kg/m3 # was 999.00072
g                       S gravity               # approx. should be `local'

volt                    P watt/ampere
mercury_32F             S mercury_0C
water_39F               S water_4C              # actually 39.2 F
mercury                 S conventional_mercury  # was mercury_32F
water                   S conventional_water    # was water_4C

farad                   P coulomb/volt
ohm                     P volt/ampere
siemens                 S ampere/volt
weber                   P volt.second
Hg                      S mercury
hg                      S mercury
H2O                     S water
h2o                     S water

tesla                   P weber/meter2
henry                   P weber/ampere

# The following are compound units: units whose definitions consist 
# of two or more base units.  They may now be defined in terms of the 
# preceding units.

gal                     P 1e-2 meter/second2    # exact

# Area
are                     P 1e2 m2                # exact
barn                    P 1e-28 m2              # exact
circular_mil            P 5.067075e-10 m2
darcy                   P 9.869233e-13 m2       # permeability of porous solids
hectare                 P 1e4 m2                # exact
acre                    P 160 rod2              # exact

abfarad                 P 1e9 farad             # exact
abhenry                 P 1e-9 henry            # exact
abmho                   P 1e9 siemens           # exact
abohm                   P 1e-9 ohm              # exact
abvolt                  P 1e-8 volt             # exact
C                       S coulomb
e                       S 1.60217733-19 coulomb # was 1.6021917e-19
chemical_faraday        P 9.64957e4 coulomb
physical_faraday        P 9.65219e4 coulomb
C12_faraday             P 9.648531e4 coulomb
gamma                   P 1e-9 tesla            # exact
gauss                   S 1e-4 tesla            # exact
H                       S henry
maxwell                 P 1e-8 weber            # exact
oersted                 P 7.957747e1 ampere/meter
S                       S siemens
statcoulomb             P 3.335640e-10 coulomb
statfarad               P 1.112650e-12 farad
stathenry               P 8.987554e11 henry
statmho                 P 1.112650e-12 siemens
statohm                 P 8.987554e11 ohm
statvolt                P 2.997925e2 volt
T                       S tesla
unit_pole               P 1.256637e-7 weber
V                       S volt
Wb                      S weber
mho                     P siemens
Oe                      S oersted
faraday                 P C12_faraday           # charge of 1 mole of 
#                                               # electrons

electronvolt            P 1.602177e-19 joule
erg                     P 1e-7 joule            # exact
IT_Btu                  P 1.05505585262e3 joule # exact, was 1.055056e3
EC_therm                P 1.05506e8 joule       # exact
thermochemical_calorie  P 4.184000 joule        # exact
IT_calorie              P 4.1868 joule          # exact
J                       S joule
ton_TNT                 S 4.184e9 joule
US_therm                P 1.054804e8 joule      # exact
watthour                P watt hour

therm                   P US_therm
Wh                      S watthour
Btu                     P IT_Btu
calorie                 P IT_calorie
electron_volt           P electronvolt

thm                     S therm
cal                     S calorie
eV                      S electronvolt
bev                     S gigaelectron_volt

dyne                    P 1e-5 newton           # exact
pond                    P 9.806650e-3 newton    # exact, was 1.806650e-3 (typo)
force_kilogram          S 9.806650 newton       # exact
force_ounce             S 2.780139e-1 newton
force_pound             S 4.4482216152605 newton# exact
poundal                 P 1.382550e-1 newton
N                       S newton
gf                      S gram force

force_gram              P 1e-3 force_kilogram
force_ton               P 2000 force_pound      # exact
lbf                     S force_pound
ounce_force             S force_ounce
kilogram_force          S force_kilogram
pound_force             S force_pound
ozf                     S force_ounce
kgf                     S force_kilogram

kip                     P 1000 lbf
ton_force               S force_ton
gram_force              S force_gram

clo                     P 1.55e-1 kelvin.meter2/watt

lm                      S lumen
lx                      S lux
footcandle              P 1.076391e-1 lux
footlambert             P 3.426259 candela/meter2
lambert                 P (1e4/PI) candela/meter2       # exact
stilb                   P 1e4 candela/meter2    # exact
phot                    P 1e4 lumen/meter2      # exact
nit                     P 1 candela/meter2      # exact
langley                 P 4.184000e4 joule/meter2       # exact
blondel                 P candela/(pi meter2)

apostilb                P blondel
nt                      S nit
ph                      S phot
sb                      S stilb

denier                  P 1.111111e-7 kilogram/meter
tex                     P 1e-6 kilogram/meter   # exact

perm_0C                 S 5.72135e-11 kg/(pascal second meter2)
perm_23C                S 5.74525e-11 kg/(pascal second meter2)

voltampere              P volt ampere
VA                      S volt ampere
boiler_horsepower       P 9.80950e3 watt
shaft_horsepower        P 7.456999e2 watt
metric_horsepower       P 7.35499 watt
electric_horsepower     P 7.460000e2 watt       # exact
W                       S watt
water_horsepower        P 7.46043e2 watt
UK_horsepower           P 7.4570e2 watt
refrigeration_ton       P 12000 Btu/hour

horsepower              P shaft_horsepower
ton_of_refrigeration    P refrigeration_ton

hp                      S horsepower

bar                     P 1e5 pascal            # exact
standard_atmosphere     P 1.01325e5 pascal      # exact
technical_atmosphere    P 1 kg gravity/cm2      # exact
inch_H2O_39F            S inch water_39F
inch_H2O_60F            S inch water_60F
inch_Hg_32F             S inch mercury_32F
inch_Hg_60F             S inch mercury_60F
millimeter_Hg_0C        S mm mercury_0C
footH2O                 S foot water
cmHg                    S cm Hg
cmH2O                   S cm water
Pa                      S pascal
inch_Hg                 S inch Hg
inch_hg                 S inch Hg
inHg                    S inch Hg
in_Hg                   S inch Hg
in_hg                   S inch Hg
millimeter_Hg           S mm Hg
mmHg                    S mm Hg
mm_Hg                   S mm Hg
mm_hg                   S mm Hg
torr                    P mm Hg
foot_H2O                S foot water
ftH2O                   S foot water
psi                     S 1 pound gravity/in2
ksi                     S kip/in2
barie                   P 0.1 newton/meter2

at                      S technical_atmosphere
atmosphere              P standard_atmosphere
atm                     P standard_atmosphere
barye                   P barie

Bq                      S becquerel
curie                   P 3.7e10 becquerel      # exact
rem                     P 1e-2 sievert          # dose equivalent. exact
rad                     P 1e-2 gray             # absorbed dose. exact
roentgen                P 2.58e-4 coulomb/kg    # exact
Sv                      S sievert
Gy                      S gray

Ci                      S curie
R                       S roentgen
rd                      S rad

c                       S 2.997925e+8 meter/sec
knot                    P nautical_mile/hour

knot_international      S knot
international_knot      S knot
kt                      P knot

poise                   S 1e-1 pascal second    # absolute viscosity. 
#                                               # exact
stokes                  S 1e-4 meter2/second    # exact
rhe                     S 10/(pascal second)    # exact

St                      S stokes

acre_foot               S 1.233489e3 m3 # but `acre foot' is 1233.4867714897 
meters^3. Odd.
board_foot              S 2.359737e-3 m3
bushel                  P 3.523907e-2 m3
UK_liquid_gallon        P 4.546090e-3 m3        # exact. was 4.546092e-3
Canadian_liquid_gallon  P 4.546090e-3 m3        # exact
US_dry_gallon           P 4.404884e-3 m3
US_liquid_gallon        P 3.785412e-3 m3
cc                      S cm3
liter                   P 1e-3 m3               # exact. However, from 1901 to 
#                                               # 1964, 1 liter = 1.000028 dm3
stere                   P 1 m3                  # exact
register_ton            P 2.831685 m3           # was 3.831685 (typo!)

US_dry_quart            P US_dry_gallon/4
US_dry_pint             P US_dry_gallon/8

US_liquid_quart         P US_liquid_gallon/4
US_liquid_pint          P US_liquid_gallon/8
US_liquid_cup           P US_liquid_gallon/16
US_liquid_gill          P US_liquid_gallon/32
US_fluid_ounce          P US_liquid_gallon/128
US_liquid_ounce         P US_fluid_ounce

UK_liquid_quart         P UK_liquid_gallon/4
UK_liquid_pint          P UK_liquid_gallon/8
UK_liquid_cup           P UK_liquid_gallon/16
UK_liquid_gill          P UK_liquid_gallon/32
UK_fluid_ounce          P UK_liquid_gallon/160
UK_liquid_ounce         P UK_fluid_ounce

liquid_gallon           P US_liquid_gallon
fluid_ounce             P US_fluid_ounce
#liquid_gallon          P UK_liquid_gallon
#fluid_ounce            P UK_fluid_ounce

dry_quart               P US_dry_quart
dry_pint                P US_dry_pint

liquid_quart            P liquid_gallon/4
liquid_pint             P liquid_gallon/8

gallon                  P liquid_gallon
barrel                  P 42 US_liquid_gallon   # petroleum industry definition
quart                   P liquid_quart
pint                    P liquid_pint
cup                     P liquid_gallon/16
gill                    P liquid_gallon/32
tablespoon              P US_fluid_ounce/2
teaspoon                P tablespoon/3
peck                    P bushel/4

oz                      P fluid_ounce
floz                    S fluid_ounce
acre_feet               S acre_foot
board_feet              S board_foot
Tbl                     P tablespoon
Tbsp                    S tablespoon
tbsp                    S tablespoon
Tblsp                   S tablespoon
tblsp                   S tablespoon
litre                   P liter
L                       S liter
l                       S liter
tsp                     S teaspoon
pk                      S peck
bu                      S bushel

fldr                    S floz/8
dram                    P floz/16

bbl                     S barrel
firkin                  P barrel/4              # exact but barrel is vague
pt                      S pint
dr                      S dram

baud                    S 1/second              # exact
b                       S bit
bps                     S bit/second
cps                     S hertz

Bd                      S baud

kayser                  P 1e2/meter             # exact
rps                     S hertz
rpm                     S hertz/60
geopotential            S gravity
work_year               P 2056 hours
work_month              P work_year/12

gp                      S geopotential
dynamic                 S geopotential

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