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[THREDDS #DRR-610037]: FillValue....

Hi Michael,

> > 2) The variable "lon" has valid_max,min of 90,-90 instead of 180,
> > -180.
> If you look at the grib example, then you see why we have limited it
> to 90,-90, since thatâs the range we only cover with the satellite.

I just double checked this because I thought I had seen numbers outside of the 
90,-90 range when I looked yesterday. If I get every 10th value of "lon" in row 


I see missing data and values between -18,132.

Dataset {
    Float32 lon[lat = 1][lon = 250];
[0], -999.0, -999.0, -999.0, -999.0, -999.0, -17.62363, -14.456724, -12.102727, 
... 126.10272, 128.45673, 131.62363, -999.0, -999.0, -999.0, -999.0


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Ticket ID: DRR-610037
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