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[THREDDS #DRR-610037]: FillValue....

Hi Michael,

> changing the missing_value to the correct type, seem to solve the problem.
> The data is now shown properly in the grid view.

Great! Having the right types and values for missing_value, valid_*, and/or 
_FillValue allow the library to recognize missing data. It turns out that the 
grid type does handle missing values in 2-D coordinate variables. Missing 
values, on the other hand, are not allowed in 1-D coordinate variables.

So, this solves the problem of viewing the data in the Grid Viewer.

> The Grid View is in fact not realy our concern. We are thinking in the
> moment about the best way of providing our data through a WMS service
> and thatâs why I looked at those display, because I remember from the
> course you mentioned something like it is important that the data is
> recognised as a regular grid....
> Our target was to offer WMS/WCS using Thredds of data that we have
> in bufr, grib and netCDF.

The WCS specification only deals with regular grids (1-D coordinate variables 
that are evenly spaced). Since  our WCS implementation doesn't do any remapping 
(something we generally try to avoid), the TDS can only serve regular gridded 
data over WCS.

As for WMS, it does a lot of remapping. However, neither John or I are sure if 
the WMS code deals with general 2-D coordinate variables. This is probably a 
better question for the ncWMS list:


We'll take a look at your BUFR data to see what's up there.


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