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Re: NWP Forecast Data

Hi Ben:

Im afraid nothing too coherent or detailed. An overview is at:


More details are at:


Ben Burford wrote:
Hi John,

I don't have the data right now.  Its being prepared at the Max Planck Insti
tute in Germany.  I'll try to get some files but I don't know how quickly I'
ll be able to do it.

Timeframe, within "the next few months" would be good.  Right now the timing
 is a little fuzzy.

I don't have a very clear understanding of the functions that a THREDDS serv
er will perform.  Do you have a (some) power point file(s), or maybe a pdf f
ile, that overviews the THREDDS server operations and explains the functions
 that it will perform?

Thanks very much,


At 09:34 2006/03/28 -0700, you wrote:

Hi Ben:

What format is the data stored in? Can you makes samples available?

The answer is probably not at the moment, but we are currently working on

several features that may help. What time frame do you need this?

Ben Burford wrote:

Hi John,

I have NWP model output data that has been collected from the model as t


series at a single grid point (to make it easy to compare to in-situ tim

e se

ries data). So this is like time series station data. This is from 10


r international agencies for the CEOP project.

I have Forecast data where each day a 72 hour forecast is produced. I w


to be able to select a 24 hour chunk out of each 72 hour forecast to pro


a continous time series of forecast data (e.g. take the data from 12 to


hours out of each 72 hour forecast, and concatenate that to produce a co


ous time series).

Can I do this with a THREDDS server?

Thanks very much,

Ben Burford

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