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Re: [CF-metadata] Announce: Common Data Model Coordinate System validation

Tony Jolibois wrote:

This is a great tool, thank you !
you're welcome!

A technical question : how can I test an opendap dataset protected with http login/passwd ? I tested using the syntax http://login:address@hidden but did not succeed.

i will check on this

Another thredds question : When the version 3 of thredds server will have aggregation functionnality ?

It now has the same functionality as the old Aggregation Server (AS). It now specifies the aggregation using NcML. To get started, have a look at:


and follow the links to the NcML docs.

Thanks in advance. Best, Tony

John Caron wrote:

An experimental web service is available that examines NetCDF files and tries to validate their use of Conventions such as CF-1.0 for gridded data. We will be improving this in the future based on user experience and feedback, and we will make it a part of the THREDDS Data Server.

Please have a look and send any comments to me (or to this list):


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