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Re: THREDDS library

Michael Burek wrote:


Couple of things.

I think I found an anomaly in what gets returned in calls to the spatial coverage object. For a solar dataset we are hosting there are vertical coverage parameters, but no lat/long. In this circumstance when our metadata display software queries the lat/long it receives the maximum values: start -180, size 360, start -90, size 180. Seems that this might be a bug in the code, I'd like to receive some indication that the parameter was missing like NaN or a null object, or an exception.

sounds like a bug. if you can give us an example dataset, well get it fixed.

Is there any plan yet to get the THREDDS library updated to jdom1.0?

the latest version (3.5) uses jdom 1.0.

I'd like to make some time with you to talk about extensions we've made to THREDDS using property elements for access control and other functions, and if those changes should migrate into the schema.

good idea, the access stuff is on my TODO list. I was experimenting with adding it as an attribute on the dataset.



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