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Re: [Fwd: Re: display of metadata html]

address@hidden wrote:
Late in the day, probably didn't make myself very clear. We felt that online users who accessed the catalog might find themselves navigating within these html pages. And as a convenience, if they were on the parent dataset page (for a particular dataset) where the complete metadata is presented, we wanted to make it easy to directly go to the CatalogRef listing for that dataset without going back to the main thredds catalog page at http://dodsdev.gso.uri.edu/thredds/ and linking through there.

so a catalog like


should link to its parent catalog:



And the other potential link I referred to would be down at the granule level. On our present catalog, if you go down to metadata at the granule level, which is accessed by the links in the CatalogRef element for each
dataset, we were suggesting a
link down at this granule level back up to the parent dataset (metadata) page that I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

so a dataset "node" like


should link to its containing catalog, like:



If thats what you mean, that seems reasonable, the second one is easy to 
implement, but Im not sure if the first one is; catalogs dont know who their 
parents are, if they exist, and the parent doesnt have to be unique.

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