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Re: [Fwd: Re: display of metadata html]

Carl Wolfteich wrote:
Yes, there is an html display down to the granule level from the catref. Thanks for spending the time on this, I appreciate it. One question I have is that I notice the html display for DODS or OPeNDAP access is the DODS access form link. I know in the version (2) I was using before, the html displayed a link for the dds, das, html and info for each data file with the relevant DODS serviceType. In the updated version, has this kind of format just been done away with and changed to just the single link to the access form? Or am I just leaving out something in the xml now that prevents that information from being displayed in the html? Previously, in version 2, it would have been displayed here:


If its been changed now with this version, thats fine, I just wanted to make sure I am not leaving out something in the xml file that would otherwise display it.
Thanks, appreciate the help.


yes, it now just points to the .html DODS interface on the server. so you doing everything as correctly as possible.

thanks for helping me debug!

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