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Re: Hierarchy THREDDS catalog

Hi Jerome:

As you can tell, im slowly catching up with email!

Jerome King wrote:
Hi John,

I am trying to set up an hierarchy Thredds catalog but I am having
problem since I am not getting any hints from the debug or validating

i would upgrade to the latest 3.3 release, since it has slightly better debugging message

Also, I have been trying to compare the xml files on motherlode and the ones shipped in THREDDS For example, you have some example xml files under the /idd folder but those xml files seem to be pointing to non-exisiting directories such as /data/ldm/pub/native/grid/NCEP/NAM/Alaska_11km.

are you trying to set up an idd server ?

Also I am confused because you use "datasetscan" in the xml files released with 3.2 and "catalogRef" on motherload. You seem to have dropped "datasetscan" on motherlode for "catalogRef". Does this mean "datasetscan" is obsolete now or is it because you are actullay pointing to the actual datasets on motherlode and therefore it's easier to use "catalogRef"?

datasetScan is what you actually use on the server if you dont want to enter each dataset explicitly. these are translated to catalogRef when the client sees the catalog.

Can you have a "catalogRef" in the top level catalog.xml referencing a "datasetscan" in the lower level catalog.xml? it seems that a catalogRef can refer to another catalogRef. Does a catalogref always refer to a datasetscan at the lower level of the hierarchy?

a catalogRef is a just a way of breaking a catalog into pieces. you can have arbitrary heirarchy of catalogRef. A datasetScan is always a leaf. A dataset could also be a leaf.

The way I have it now is I have a top hierarchy catalog.xml with a bunch of catalogRefs. They all point respectively to a different catalog.xml in different directories. But for some reason THREDDS can't read those lower level catalog.xml

that should work, but you have to reinit the server (or restart it) after adding new catalogs. Try that and send me logs if it doesnt work.

also, if you can allow me remote access, i can help faster, see:


Thanks for any help on this, Jerome.

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