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Re: DQC tools

Hi Darren,

Our DQC code and tools are still under development. The "latestModel" DQC you looked at is not widely used though the queries it describes (incorrectly I see now) are used fairly extensively. Are you trying to use DQC on your own dataset collections?

For the "latestModel" queries, try things of this form: /thredds/dqc/latestModel?eta_211. Those are the queries the DQC service supports and I tried to describe in the latestModel.xml DQC document. Sorry about that. I will have to fix that in our next TDS release.

Hope this helps. Let me know if I can help further.


Darren Hardy wrote:

What's the status of DQC? I'm able to get DQC documents using / thredds/dqc/latestModel.xml but I'm unable to get a catalog as a result. I've tried using NetCDF Tools 2.2 under THREDDS > DQC Chooser. When I try to "QueryAvailable" button when selecting a model, it gives me an "invalid Catalog" error message. It complains further that there's a URISyntaxException. When I try it by hand in a browser -- that is, using /thredds/dqc/latestModel?models=eta_211 -- I get a 404 error.

I've tried this on both the motherlode server and my own installation.


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