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Re: THREDDS motherlode server(s)

Hi David:

The problem with topcatalog is now fixed.

Thanks for notifying us.

David Wojtowicz wrote:
What happened to topcatalog.xml?


It doesn't seem to be on the 8080 or 8088 servers and its disappearance seems to be correlated with this announcement.

On Sep 21, 2005, at 10:20 AM, John Caron wrote:

The THREDDS data server is now running on our "operational" port:


In case you have gotten used to using port 8088, that will continue to be our "development" server, and it will go up and down as needed (its down at the moment).

So from now on, use 8080 when you want the stable version, 8088 only for for testing the latest snapshot.

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