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Re: My World 3.0d2 available (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 12:42:12 -0600
From: John Caron <address@hidden>
To: Eric Russell <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: My World 3.0d2 available

Eric Russell wrote:

>Version 3.0d2 of My World, with basic support for Thredds catalogs and
>access to grid data, is available. The MacOS X version is at:
>  ftp://projftp.sesp.northwestern.edu/my_world/dev/installMac.zip
>and the Windows version is at:
>  ftp://projftp.sesp.northwestern.edu/my_world/dev/installWin.exe
>To access data from a Thredds catalog, select "Import Data->From THREDDS
>Library" from the File menu. The first time you do this, you need to enter
>the URL of the catalog, but once entered, the URL will be saved across My
>World sessions. In the future, I think we'd like to integrate the catalog
>browser better with the Data Library, but the current interface works for
>now. If you get a chance to use it, let me know what you think. Thanks,
i finally got a chance to look at this. great job!

one comment i have is that the "import from thredds library" window
should be resizable, as the thredds widgets are too big for the current
size window.

i wasnt able to get a map overlay on it, maybe i need a quick tutorial
in the basics.

we are just finishing a new catalog specification with lots of new
metadata, that we will show at the DLESE data conferencce. in the next
few weeks, i will have a new catalogUI library for you to use that takes
advantage of the new spec. hopefully it wont be too hard to replace the
one you are using now.

thanks for your work!

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