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NSDL metadata for THREDDS datasets

Hi all,

We are working on a set of automated metadata generation tools to augment the toolset associated with our Unidata LDM. The LDM is used to populate many real-time data servers around the country -- including many THREDDS server sites. While we are focusing on the metadata needed to connect THREDDS clients and servers, we also want to incorporate some elements of a "standard" discovery metadata set. We are aware of the detailed standards of the FGDC, GCMD, those evolving at ISO as well as the ESML definition at UAH.

But, as a place to get started and gain some experience with the metadata generation tools themselves, we're looking for something simpler that fulfills the basic requirements for NSDL and DLESE discovery metadata:


This is really the basic Dublin Core with a few educational extensions. I am wondering if any of you have experience with mappings between the more detailed standards and the NSDL/Dublin Core specs. In particular, we plan to start with the types of data found on many THREDDS servers:

-- gridded data output from weather forecast models,
-- GOES satellite imagery, NEXRAD level 3 images, and
-- point source weather observations and balloon soundings from weather stations
-- climate data, .

Please let me know if you have experience with or suggestions for generating Dublin Core records for these classes of data.

Thank you in advance.

-- Ben

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