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Re: THREDDS/DLESE Connections slides

Peter Cornillon wrote:

> > (Personally I like the simple definition "In a DODS server, a dataset is 
> > something you
> > can get a DAS and DAP from."  Maybe this should be the def'n of a "DODS 
> > data set".)
> Steve, are you including a file server and/or an Aggregation server here?
> Even if you are, from the perspective of the DODS/NVODS dataset list, this
> definition is quite restrictive.

Offline here to keep from muddying the waters.

I guess I'd say that the reason for agreeing on a definition is so that a 
single meaning can
flow *from* it rather than multiple meanings flowing *into* it. The meaning 
that would flow
from "In a DODS server, a dataset is something you can get a DAS and DAP from." 
Caron's words) is that the output of an A.S. is a DODS data set. The collection 
of data sets
represented by a DODS file server (a.k.a. "catalog server"?), however, is NOT a 
"DODS data
set" by this definition (though the file server URL, itself, is.)

I don't see this is either restrictive or non-restrictive. It seems like what 
we're after is
simply some terminology that we can agree upon -- not to alter the underlying 

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