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Re: THREDDS/DLESE Connections slides

Hi John,

An interesting presentation. I have a couple of comments.

1) Slide 6 you say that there is no efficient way to discover data sets within
the system.  First, I think that you should be careful to separate out issues
related to the data access protocol and other services. The DODS DAP does
not provide an efficient way to locate data. That was not it's intent. There
are however sites that are beginning to provide for this. For example, the
GCMD lists a subset of DODS accessible data sets (~2/3 of the total) and
one can use any of the GCMD search mechanisms to locate a data set of
interest. Furthermore, Dan Holloway has developed a Java program that
will do this search as well as searches in other directories as they come
on line. The important point here is that this search capability can be
launched from within a user's application; e.g., from within Matlab and
through the suite of associated interfaces can drill down to the data
themselves and request that they be moved into the application. This
capability is currently under developement with the search portion in

2) I could find very little information on APPE. Do you have a URL for a
site where it is described?

It might also be of interest to the group that the DODS effort will be funded
to look at a SOAP implementation associated with the core. This is a
prototype effort and should be complete within a year.


John Caron wrote:

these are the slides from my presentation today; sorry they are rather



power point slides:


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