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[python #GNH-263504]: simple example of usage metpy.calc.cape_cin()


Apologies for the delay. Here's some sample code that calculates the parcel 
profile for the surface parcel in the sounding, and uses that to calculate cape 
and cin using `cape_cin()`:

    from datetime import datetime
    import metpy.calc as mpcalc
    from metpy.units import pandas_dataframe_to_unit_arrays
    from siphon.simplewebservice.wyoming import WyomingUpperAir

    df = WyomingUpperAir.request_data(datetime(2013, 5, 20, 18), 'OUN')
    data = pandas_dataframe_to_unit_arrays(df)

    # Calculate the parcel profile, including the LCL--this interpolates the 
sounding to the level of the LCL
    # as well, so that the profile and all variables have the same points
    p, t, d, prof = mpcalc.parcel_profile_with_lcl(data['pressure'], 
data['temperature'], data['dewpoint'])

    cape, cin = mpcalc.cape_cin(p, t, d, prof)

Hope this helps,


> Hello
> I have a stupid question but I'm writing to you because I'm new with
> metpy and I don't know how to calculate cape. Do you have maby simple
> example of usage metpy.calc.cape_cin()? I was looking for it but I haven't
> found. If you have a simple example please share with me if you can. I
> will be very grateful.

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