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[python #PHR-160601]: MetPy Help


There are two "potential vorticity" functions in MetPy:  
potential_vorticity_barotropic and potential_vorticity_baroclinic. The 
barotropic version does not require a 3D field, but the baroclinic version 
definitely does because it requires estimating vertical derivatives.

What 2D GFS fields are you trying to use? Is the function you're trying to 
replace publicly available somewhere?


> Hello Ryan,
> I am trying to convert a python script that calculates potential vorticity
> to use the MetPy PV function. The main problem is that in order to use this
> function, from what I understand from the documentation, I must restructure
> the grib data into a 3D array with the following coordinates (Pressure,
> Longitude, Latitude). The GFS data is a 2D array (Lat, Lon).
> Do you have some ideas for how I can make this work?

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