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[python #KDG-595508]: Problem with metpy.plots

Hello! Thanks for your question.

MetPy has run into a compatibility issue with the recently-released cartopy 
0.18 that we are aware of. In the mean time the solution is to roll back to 
cartopy 0.17 until we are able to get a fix out for MetPy 0.12.

I hope this helps!


> Hi,
> I am new to MetPy and I am excited to be able to make some plots. Trying to
> use some of the metpy plots in the youtube examples, I am getting an error
> that I am not being able to get past to.
> from datetime import datetime
> import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
> import metpy.calc as mpcalc
> from metpy.plots import SkewT
> from metpy.units import units
> from siphon.simplewebservice.wyoming import WyomingUpperAir
> %matplotlib inline
> I get the following error:
> NameError                                 Traceback (most recent call
> last)<ipython-input-54-1e463be99531> in <module>      2 import
> matplotlib.pyplot as plt      3 import metpy.calc as mpcalc----> 4
> from metpy.plots import SkewT      5 from metpy.units import units
> 6 from siphon.simplewebservice.wyoming import WyomingUpperAir
> ~/opt/anaconda3/lib/python3.7/site-packages/metpy/plots/__init__.py in
> <module>     17 logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)     18 ---> 19
> __all__ = ctables.__all__[:]  # pylint: disable=undefined-variable
> 20 __all__.extend(declarative.__all__)  # pylint:
> disable=undefined-variable     21 __all__.extend(skewt.__all__)  #
> pylint: disable=undefined-variable
> NameError: name 'ctables' is not defined
> I see this error anytime I try to import some plot from metpy.plots. I
> tried to research the error but I found no help online. Any help is
> appreciated.

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