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[python #JED-117964]: MetPy units and i/o question


Thank you for the kind words. I'm guessing right now you have something like 
the following:

    from metpy.units import units

    vt = 310 * units.kelvin
    with open('outfile.txt', 'wt') as outfile:

to write out the value without units, you want to use the `.magnitude` 
attribute (which can also be shortened to `.m`). So you'll want to do something 
like this instead for the last line:


Hope this helps,


> Dear Unidata,
> First, thank you for the excellent MetPy package, and associated examples
> and documents!
> I am using MetPy for some calculations, manipulating data that I'm writing
> out to initialize a research numerical model (CM1).  I am finding it
> cumbersome to write out the quantities I compute without the unit string
> attached.  This difficulty likely stems from my lack of Python knowledge,
> but my question is this:
> Suppose that I have computed a virtual temperature value in Kelvins.
> How can I write just the numerical value to a text file without the pesky
> 'Kelvins' being also written to the file?
> Thank you for any suggestions - hopefully this is an easy one to address!

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