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[python #KLQ-264390]: UW-Madison Graduate Student


I found this in the rasterio docs (since I know what to look for):


I think that covers a lot of the process, since the output is a numpy array of 
an image in Web Mercator, which is what I *think* folium really wants.

Actually, I just found this:


It seems to go through exactly what you want. I think you can use rasterio to 
open the GOES-16 netCDF directly, at which point it would be able to properly 
construct the source CRS, which is the last piece of the puzzle needed here.

Let me know how it goes,


> Hi Ryan May,
> I recently contacted Jeff Weber with a question about creating a cartopy
> image from GOES 16 NetCDF data and trying to projected in a folium base
> map. I wanted to thank you for your help, but also I was wondering if there
> was an online example I could follow. Im still a beginner in python, and I
> was reading through the rasterio documentation but it wasnât helpful.
> Attached is the jupiter notebook code Iâm using to produce the images, if
> you have a chance, would you mind glancing through it to see if im on the
> right track, and if thereâs an example I could follow to modify my code.
> Thank you for your time!

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