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[python #SWP-244115]: metpy cross-section issue


So the xarray machinery in MetPy is expecting netCDF compliant metadata when 
accessing the unit attributes, so strings, not a pint object.

So when creating the Dataset, you should do:

ds2 = xr.Dataset({'potential temperature': (['vertical', 'y', 'x'], th_iso, 
{'units': str(th_iso.units)}),
                                'u wind': (['vertical', 'y', 'x'], u_iso, 
{'units': str(u_iso.units)}), \
                                'v wind': (['vertical', 'y', 'x'], v_iso, 
{'units': str(v_iso.units)}), \
                                'lon': (['y', 'x'], lons, {'units': 
'degrees_east'}), \
                                'lat': (['y', 'x'], lats, {'units': 
'degrees_north'})}, \
                                coords={'vertical': (['vertical'], plevs, 
{'units': str(plevs.units)}), \
                                'y': (['y'], y, {'units': 'm'}), \
                                'x': (['x'], x, {'units': 'm'})})

I think it will make sense for MetPy to eventually have something that 
simplifies this vastly overcomplicated process, but you're just ahead of us 

Hope this helps,


> I am trying to set up WRF data in xarray so that I can create a cross-section 
> with metpy. I followed the example in Issue 1004 to add projection 
> information into my dataset. However, I am getting the following error when I 
> call parse_cf:
> AttributeError: 'Unit' object has no attribute 'replace'
> Is this a metpy bug, or am I doing something wrong? Attached is the code that 
> I currently have.

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