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[python #KLQ-264390]: UW-Madison Graduate Student


Here's what I see in the sample code:

import os 
import earthpy as et

import folium
from folium import plugins

import rasterio as rio
from rasterio.warp import calculate_default_transform, reproject, Resampling

m = folium.Map(location=[-31.416016, -64.188929],  tiles = 'Stamen Terrain')

    location=[-31.416016, -64.188929], # coordinates for the marker
    popup='Location from where hail samples were collected', # pop-up label for 
the marker


It doesn't look like it's actually doing anything with Rasterio? Regardless, 
I'm not really familiar with rasterio or folium, I just know enough that they 
exist. You might have more luck asking questions on their bug tracker or on 
Stack Overflow? That's literally what I'd have to do to try to investigate this 


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